What is SAZAC and Why It’s Your #1 Animal Onesies Source

What is SAZAC and Why It's Your Number 1 Animal Onesies Source

What is SAZAC? SAZAC is a Japanese kigurumi (that’s a Japanese term for onesie!) company. Founded in 1996, it is one of the most well-known and successful onesie manufacturers in Japan. SAZAC currently has two offices in Japan: its Osaka headquarters and a separate branch in Tokyo. If you’re ever in the area, you may want to try dropping by to say hi!


Why choose SAZAC?

SAZAC is famed for its high-quality animal-themed onesies. It is also licensed to produce onesies based on popular cartoon characters, such as Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma, Pikachu and Elmo from Sesame Street. At the last count, SAZAC has churned out over 200 different onesie designs, with 100 still in production today!

SAZAC produces a large quantity of onesies

SAZAC’s success comes from the premium quality of its products: first, a lot of time goes into designing the onesie. After all, it’s important to get the character’s features right! The end product is a onesie that is faithful to the original design of the animal/character it is based on. (The details on SAZAC’s Jibanyan onesie for instance, are down to the letter.) During the design process, care is also taken to make sure that the face of the onesie hood is symmetrical, so that it doesn’t look wonky (unless it’s supposed to).

The materials used by SAZAC are also top-notch, with the best fleece being sourced for its onesies. Apart from giving extra comfort for the wearer, this has also allowed SAZAC onesies to pass US safety standards with flying colors. The fleece is then intricately stitched together to ensure that your SAZAC onesie will be able to withstand multiple washes and last you a long time.

SAZAC onesies are of high quality

Beware of counterfeits!

A word of caution! Because of the success of SAZAC’s onesie business, many rival manufacturers have tried to cash in on SAZAC’s reputation by producing poorly-made knock-offs based on SAZAC’s designs. These imitations often use flimsier fabrics which are not properly sewn together. You may also get buttons of the wrong color, over- or under-stuffed tails, or missing pockets. Finally, the face of the onesie may be asymmetrical and/or just look…weird.

Check out a few comparisons between a genuine SAZAC onesie and counterfeits:


Official SAZAC Dinosaur Kigurumi vs. the Imitations

Official SAZAC Dinosaur Kigurumi vs Counterfeit Dinosaur Kigurumi

The materials used for the fake dinosaur onesies are obviously different from that of the real thing (especially the onesie on the far right – looks of especially poor quality).


Official SAZAC Giraffe Kigurumi vs. the Imitations

Official SAZAC Giraffe Kigurumi vs Counterfeit Giraffe Kigurumi

Is it just me, or does the imitation giraffe onesie on the far right have somewhat of a confused expression? That’s what happens when the face of the onesie isn’t symmetrical…!


Official SAZAC Hello Kitty Kigurumi vs. the Imitation

Official SAZAC Hello Kitty Kigurumi vs Counterfeit Hello Kitty Kigurumi

Compare the material used for both onesies – the counterfeit Hello Kitty onesie looks so ratty and cheap when placed next to SAZAC’s! Also, the rival company changed the base color of its Hello Kitty onesie hood from white to pink – nice try, but no cigar.


Look out for the neck label!

It’s easy to mistake a cheap knock-off for an authentic SAZAC onesie, especially if you don’t know what the real deal is supposed to look like. An easy way to make sure that you haven’t been ripped off is to check that the SAZAC neck label has been stitched to your onesie.

Look for the official SAZAC neck label


Where can I get a genuine SAZAC onesie?

You can get your hands – or paws! – on a genuine SAZAC onesie, regardless of where you are in the world! My #1 recommendation is Kigurumi-Shop, because it is an authorised and official distributor of 100% authentic SAZAC onesies. That’s right, no fakes. Apart from its wide range of SAZAC onesies (and other cool SAZAC gear such as neck-warmers and ponchos), you’ll also find yourself being won over by its efficient and friendly customer service!

(You can also use my exclusive coupon code “ALICEINONESIELAND” to get 15% off any onesie from Kigurumi-Shop!)

Check out Kigurumi-Shop's range of high-quality SAZAC animal onesies!

I hope you now have a better idea of what is SAZAC and why it should be your top source for animal onesies. If you’re curious as to how SAZAC onesies have fared under my detailed scrutiny, you can check out my reviews of them here.

6 thoughts on “What is SAZAC and Why It’s Your #1 Animal Onesies Source

  1. Hi there,

    SAZAC onesies look so adorable! I think my little one (he’s 3) will love it. Looks like the quality is really good too. I’m partial to anything made in Japan 🙂 Is there a snake design?

  2. SAZAC sounds awesome! And their designs are so artful! (And cute!)

    Nice to know they are constructed of top notch materials and are both safe AND comfortable. The photos you share show just how comfortable they must be!

    Their durability and ability to stand up to multiple washings will mean they will be enjoyed for a long, long time.

    And thanks for the warning about “knock offs.” They DO look weird, creepy, bad, cheap, and so on!


  3. What a fun website! I never knew that there were so many different types of onesies! Maybe I should think about getting one! Do they have a guinea pig? 😀

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