“Best pj’s ever.” – Elizabeth B.

"Best pj's ever." - Elizabeth B.

Elizabeth B. (“Pixie”)

32 years old | Bank teller | Virginia, US

My favorite onesie is a Totoro onesie. Have you seen it? It looks so warm and comfy! Unfortunately, I don’t own it yet. What I do own, however, is a yellow onesie with prints of Jake the Dog from the Adventure Time TV show. It was a gift from my mom last Christmas. I think she got it for me because I kept harassing her for one. She buys us pajamas every Christmas, and this time I would not shut up about onesies. I even made her look at the Star Wars ones at Target! I was shocked when I saw what she had given me for Christmas, because I didn’t think she would actually get me a onesie. Let alone a onesie with prints of Jake the Dog! (My mom thinks Adventure Time is weird.)

I wear my onesie to bed a lot – three times a week to be exact. The thing is just so comfy and warm. They also look cool. Best pj’s ever. When I was pregnant with my daughter, winters sucked. Sleepwear without pants weren’t warm and pants made pregnant me have to pee a lot. A onesie would have been nice.

As a whole, my family is amused whenever I wear my onesie. (My daughter has a onesie too but she’s only 3 years old, so I don’t know if that counts.) My husband just gives me weird looks. I totally rub things in his face by wearing my onesie with tacky, bright-colored and fuzzy socks. I go up to him and say things like “Hey baby. You know you think I’m sexy.” Then he just rolls his eyes.

Last winter, I needed to get something from the 7-Eleven right next door. I get lazy sometimes and I don’t like being cold, so I walked over in my Jake the Dog onesie. The 7-Eleven attendant gave me silly looks when I bought my stuff; I think I startled him. I was embarrassed, not that this would stop me from doing it again.

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