“I’m always reading while wearing my onesie.” – Kelly

"I'm always reading while wearing my onesie." - Kelly


21 years old | Third-year university student | Waterloo, Canada

Entering university was a major milestone for me. Apart from being nervous about lectures, I was also excited to start being independent and to live on my own.

As I was going to be living in a dorm-style building, I decided to get a onesie. My room was located on the same hallway as the building’s common lounge (for both guys and girls in all 3 floors of the building), and in case people were milling around in the hallway, a onesie would be a lot easier to bring with me to the shared bathroom instead of a separate top and bottom. One piece of clothing is easier than multiple!

I ending up choosing a panda onesie. It’s pretty funny that I gravitated towards a panda onesie, seeing how I’m currently majoring in biology. I probably also chose this onesie because I’m always supporting endangered species! My panda onesie is black and white, with some hints of red (which is nice to get some color in there) and made of the softest fleece material I have ever felt. I like that it has different sections of designs. For example, the sleeves are white with black polka dots and they have little paws at the end where my wrists are. I’m glad I bought it for my dorm room because Ontario was hit with cold weather and snow early that year, and the maintenance people hadn’t activated the heating yet. Needless to say, I was grateful I had my onesie to keep me warm through the very cold nights! 

My roommates are used to seeing me walking around in my panda onesie – most of the time I’ll get a thumbs-up from them if they see me in it.

School life has been stressful. This term, I’m taking 5 classes and 2 lab courses, which means I have about 15 hours of lecture time and 6 hours of lab time in a single week. I often feel overwhelmed. Because of my heavy workload, I’ve been diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), which causes me to have existential crises. It might sound like depression, but the symptoms are different. It makes me want to give up or escape. When this happens however, I just throw on my onesie, lie on my bed, and breathe. I find that doing so makes me feel safe; being bundled up like that, nothing can hurt me. A onesie feels like a constant hug.

On better days, such as when I have days off from lectures and labs, I like how I’m able to cut my “getting ready” time in half and declare myself dressed by simply putting on my onesie. My roommates are used to seeing me walking around in my panda onesie – most of the time I’ll get a thumbs-up from them if they see me in it. (They themselves have onesies too!) If it gets too hot, I just tie the top of my onesie around my waist and put a shirt on, so I can still keep the fuzzy pants. I’m often walking around in half a onesie!Kelly in her panda onesie!

I also enjoy reading in my free time. With so much school, assignments and exams, you sometimes forget to take time out for yourself to enjoy something. But when I read, I get to immerse myself completely in the world the author has created and not worry about anything for the moment. I’m always reading while wearing my onesie. Curling up with a good book in my cozy onesie and some fun pillows really helps me focus on the book I’m reading so it gets the best chance of earning a 5/5 review on my book review blog.

It was my 21st birthday last month. I actually had a few big assignments due the upcoming week so I couldn’t spend it outside with friends. I still wanted to be as comfortable as possible though, so I celebrated it in my onesie! I made bacon pancakes (Adventure Time reference for those who question my decision), eggs, and an extra side of bacon. It was the best thing I had made in a while, since university sometimes takes away my time to truly cook a good meal.

While I usually only wear my onesie indoors, I did wear it outside on one occasion to an under-the-stars movie night. Friends of my family have a projector and large projection screen that they will hang outside in the summer and fall. When it gets dark enough, it’s the perfect place to watch a good movie beside a fire. Of course, since it has to be late enough for it to be dark, the temperature will also have dropped; wearing a onesie always works like a charm in keeping you warm during the movie.

I only have my panda onesie at the moment, but I’m currently eyeing two others. The first is a onesie of Totoro, because I recently (and finally) watched the anime movie My Neighbor Totoro and I love that guy! Apart from that, I’m also looking at getting an owl onesie. Those who know me know that I like owls – I have a scarf with owls on them, owl Christmas ornaments, and owl-shaped salt & pepper shakers. I naturally fell in love with owl onesies too, mostly because they have wings! How awesome would it be to run around flapping your arms, pretending to be a bird?

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Rock this onesie!: This Bluenotes Girls Panda Heart Onesie is unfortunately no longer available 🙁 For something similar, check out the Panda Kigurumi.

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9 thoughts on ““I’m always reading while wearing my onesie.” – Kelly

  1. My 16 yo daughter loves them also. She feels comfortable in them. She has a dinosaur onesie that she wears all the time! Cute website. I will have my daughter check it out!

    • Sienna says:

      Thanks Tina! If your daughter’s looking for a new animal onesie to complement her dino, she might find my post on the top 5 animal onesie sellers useful. 🙂

  2. Gail says:

    My daughter held a onesie 1st birthday party for her son last year.
    It was fun – there were a couple of pandas. My grandson was a cute puppy.

  3. Hey Kelly,

    My daughter can surely identify with your love for onesie. In her first year (2015) in the university, students were encouraged to put on onesie to campus one day. She hunted for a Panda (her favorite animal) but couldn’t find one. She ended up wearing a leopard onesie, only to be told by a lecturer that she looks more like a cub.

    I understand you’re going through some challenging times with lectures/lessons. I’m glad you’ve found solace in onesies and I’m sure you’re a smart, motivated young lady who would get through all that and come out with great achievement in your education.

    Here’s wishing you all the best – hey, one day maybe you and my daughter can get together, put on your onesies and walk around in city of Melbourne, Australia (cos she’s there now) just for the fun of it:)

  4. Daniel says:

    I don’t know why i have never owned a onesie :O They seem to be very comfortable, and they look awesome xD I am definitely going to bookmark this site and come back for more. Maybe even show it to a couple of friends?

    • Sienna says:

      Daniel – a word of caution: once you start, there’s no turning back because they’re just so addictive! If you’re looking for a quirky onesie to start off with, why not try a unicorn onesie such as Blue Unicorn Kigurumi? You can check out my review of it here! Let me know if you have any questions. 🙂

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