“Unleash your inner freak!” – Ole Ohm

"Unleash Your Inner Freak!" - Ole Ohm

Ole Ohm

39 years old | Director of aFREAKa Clothing | Cape Town, South Africa

aFREAKa Clothing was founded in 2011 and started out by selling T-shirts and hoodies. I decided to add onesies to our inventory to add more color and fun to one of my favorite hobbies, namely going to outdoor festivals. I came up with the name by playing with the words “Africa” and “freak” – our motto is “Unleash Your ‘Inner’ Freak” 😉 Check out our promotional video below!

The team currently consists of 6 people: me, Greg and Sheila are in charge of sales and of running the shop, while three others run the design and manufacturing sides. Instead of being made in Asia, all our clothing is made locally in Cape Town. By keeping things local, we avoid unnecessary carbon emissions and also help our community at the same time.

In the beginning, hardly anybody had a clue what a onesie was – so many people looked at me funny while I was wearing mine! BUT even as they did so, they all had huge smiles on their faces. About 5 years ago, my then girlfriend and I were eating out at a very fancy restaurant in white tiger and black cat onesies. When we finished our dinner, the floor manager smiled broadly as he told us that we had made his week. What a treat that was!

I don’t mean to brag, but the quality of our onesies is honestly outstanding!

Not only are onesies very stylish, they also so cuddly and comfy that they make you feel very relaxed. Especially character onesies, which are like wearing a second skin because you’re allowed to become somebody else!

We currently stock over 80 animal and character onesie designs in all sorts of colors. These are made from polar fleece and come in 13 different sizes to fit everyone from newborns to people over 6.6 ft tall. It’s easy to get ideas for these onesies, because there are loads of animated characters out there, not to mention gazillions of animals.

Our animal onesies sell the best – especially pandas and pink bunnies! – as well as some of our character ones based on Pikachu and Tigger. Apart from working on releasing meerkat onesies, we’re also experimenting with monster themes with science fiction vibes.

Buffalo Onesie - aFREAKa ClothingBuffalo Onesie by aFREAKa Clothing

Inye onesies are our own line of stylish brushed cotton fleece onesies. They’re based on the original OnePiece onesies from Norway, but we keep things local – Inye stands for “number one” in Xhosa, which is the second most-spoken language in South Africa!

Red and White Inye OnesieRed & White Inye Onesie by aFREAKA Clothing

For the warmer summer months, we make sleeveless onesies with ¾-pant legs. These are made from the same fabric that is used in polo shirts. Our summer onesies are quite unique. 😉

Personally, my favorite onesie is the green and gold springbok onesie as it represents South Africa the most. The springbok is South Africa’s national animal, as well as the emblem of the South African rugby team, which plays in green and gold! (We were third at last year’s World Cup, behind New Zealand and Australia 😉 )

I don’t mean to brag, but the quality of our onesies is honestly outstanding! Having studied business and economics, I’ve aimed to achieve customer satisfaction right from the beginning. Once you buy it, you will be happy. No buttons will fall off, no threads will pop open, and if you wash your onesie according to our instructions, it will last you ages. We also make quite a few customized onesies for clients – you name it, we design and make it!

While most of my stock is sold to customers in South Africa, I love to export my onesies to international customers. Last year, I opened a shop on Etsy.com and have since sold and shipped many onesies to the US, UK, Canada as well as many other countries. We are making some unique stuff not made by anybody else, so do check us out!!

To sum up, people LOVE onesies. Everything you do in them will be a memorable experience for you to treasure. Because even if others don’t want to wear a onesie themselves, seeing you in a one will still put a smile on their face.

aFREAKa Clothing

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Rock this onesie!: Elephant (Grey/Blue) Onesie by aFREAKa Clothing

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6 thoughts on ““Unleash your inner freak!” – Ole Ohm

  1. These are awesome! I love that these are being made locally to you, keeping carbon emissions down is important. You have a great variety of and I like the choice in fabric, making sure a person can have one for each season. Lovely site.

  2. Nice article, well written …

    Just one comment: my name is Greg and not Reg ( i am the one running the store and sales )

    Just letting u know 🙂

    • Sienna says:

      Oops we must’ve missed out on that! I’ve corrected the spelling of your name accordingly. Sorry about that!!

  3. Nicolette Reinecke says:

    AFREAKa’s onesies are the best 🙂 The second thing I do (the first having a nice hot bath of course) after a long day is jump into my aFREAKa panda onesie.

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