REVIEW: (US flag and camo) SkylineWears Men’s Fashion Onesie Jumpsuit One Piece Non-Footed Pajamas

  • Onesie: (US flag and camo designs) SkylineWears Men’s Fashion Onesie Jumpsuit One Piece Non-Footed Pajamas
  • Cheapest Place to Buy: Save 32%!
  • Material: Knitted fleece (50% cotton; 50% polyester)
  • Rating: 7/10


Product Overview

Ever feel like wearing the Star-Spangled Banner, but don’t want to walk around the streets with just a flag wrapped draped around your yourself?

Or are you having the itch to dress in camo?

One such onesie is available in both concepts. That is the SkylineWears Men’s Fashion Onesie Jumpsuit One Piece Non-Footed Pajamas, which I’ll be reviewing in this post. First off, let me just say that its name is such a mouthful. I’ll be shortening it to just the SkylineWears Men’s onesie for the purposes of this review.



The SkylineWears Men’s onesie comes in a myriad of designs. For this review, I’m focusing on its US flag and cameo designs.

SkylineWears Men's BlueUS OnesieThe “Blue US” design is pretty cool. It’s split into two main colors – the right side of the onesie is blue and covered in white stars. There’s little spacing between the stars, which makes me imagine a ninja warrior who angrily threw all his white shuriken stars at the onesie because he needed to let off steam. (And because he’s so awesome, the stars only hit the onesie’s right side.)

On the other hand, the left side of the onesie is red, with white stripes. Or maybe it’s white with red stripes. Who knows? But in any case, put both halves of the onesie together and you get the amazing US flag design.

The “RedBlue” design is similar to the “Blue US” design, with its own take on the stars and stripes concept. This time however, the stars on the right are larger, and the stripes on the left are broader. The right side of the onesie is also a much darker shade of blue, nearing black.

SkylineWears Men's RedBlue Onesie

My personal preference is the “Blue US” design, for its brighter colors. It’s also well-known that thinner stripes help make the wearer look slimmer.

The final onesie design in this US flag triad is the “Grayus” design (they probably mean “Gray US”). This onesie’s base color is a light gray, with two stripes of red across the chest and upper arms. The shoulder and neck area is dark blue (not as dark as the blue used in the “RedBlue” design), and patterned with tiny white stars.SkylineWears Men's Grayus Onesie

The “Blue US” and “RedBlue” designs can be a bit too striking for people who prefer more conservative designs. If you’re looking for something more subtle that’s still loyal to the US flag, the “Grayus” design is probably right down your alley.

In the camo section, check out the “GrayCameo” design of the SkylineWears Men’s onesie.  (I believe they mean “GrayCamo”. But anyway) It features the same light gray base of the “Grayus” design, but this time a camo pattern is sewn onto the onesie’s front pockets, neck and sleeves. This design would especially appeal to people who want to show their support for their country’s armed forces, or just love camo clothing.SkylineWears Men's GrayCameo Onesie


The SkylineWears Men’s onesie is made of knitted fleece cloth – 50% cotton and 50% polyester. Compared to 100% polyester onesies, the SkylineWears Men’s onesie is lighter and thinner, making it perfect for the days which you don’t need so much insulation from the cold.



Adjustable hood

The SkylineWears Men’s onesie comes with a hood, which can be tightened by pulling on the two cloth tabs at the side of the hood in case you feel it’s too loose.

Note that the “Blue US” design does not seem to come with cloth hood tabs! You could always sew your own, if you’re feeling handy with needle and thread.


Ribbed cuffs

I personally quite like ribbed cuffs. They make your onesie sleeves “close up” at your wrists instead of flapping around in the wind and allowing things to crawl into them. The SkylineWears Men’s onesie has ribbed cuffs on all sleeves and pant legs.


Kangaroo pockets

Pockets have always been a must for me, and I’m happy to say that the SkylineWears Men’s onesie features two kangaroo front pockets! They’re large enough for your keys, phone, wallet, hands and so on.


Double zipper

The SkylineWears Men’s onesie is a zippable onesie. The zipper begins at just above the crotch and ends at the neck. This is unlike OnePiece onesies, which can be zipped all the way to the top of the hood.

The zipper on the SkylineWears Men’s onesie is made of plastic. It’s also a double zipper, meaning it can be unzipped from either end of the zip.

This onesie doesn’t have a drop-seat, which makes going to the bathroom more tedious. To me, drop-seats should be a mandatory feature on onesies (especially since I’m female), so I had to take points off from this review for the lack of a drop-seat.


No feet

This SkylineWears Men’s onesie doesn’t come with feet. That’s how I like my onesies but it’s totally a personal preference!



When it comes to determining which size is best for you, SkylineWears provides a handy size chart:

SkylineWears Men's Onesie Size Chart

Based on customer feedback, the onesie seems to runs small. You may want to get a slightly larger size after using the chart to determine what your size should be.

The SkylineWears Men’s onesie is expressly for men, but that’s not to say gender discrimination is involved here because SkylineWears also makes a line of onesies just for women, which I’m sure will probably be more tailored to the female form.

In any case, I don’t see any reason why women shouldn’t be able to wear men’s onesies, so long as the onesie fits!


Customer Feedback is Decent

The SkylineWears Men’s onesie has received a 4/5 star rating on Amazon, based on 56 customer reviews. Not too bad! Because of the suit’s tendency to run small though, there have been many complaints that the onesie was too tight in the crotch area. You definitely should get a larger size if you want something baggier!

In any case, buyers loved the snugness of the onesie. Feeling especially ‘Murican when wearing their onesie is also a common sentiment amongst satisfied customers!



  • Double zipper for ease of wear and removal
  • Variety of US flag designs available
  • A great outfit if you’re feeling especially ‘Murican



  • Needs a drop-seat
  • Tendency to be tight in the crotch area


Where to Buy this Onesie

The cheapest place to get the SkylineWears Men’s onesie is from, where you can get it for 32% off its list price of $49.99. It’s a pretty good deal, considering the quality of the SkylineWears Men’s onesie.

Click here to buy your SkylineWears Men’s onesie from Amazon!


The (US flag and camo) SkylineWears Men’s onesie: perfect for the days you want to go out in style

The SkylineWears Men’s onesie is a casual one-piece suit that will easily find a place in your outfit rotation schedule, whether it’s the Fourth of July, Veterans Day or any other day of the year. With awesome US flag and camo designs, and pockets to rock out in, you’ll know what I mean when you get your own.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this review. If you have any questions about the SkylineWears Men’s onesie or want to share your own personal review of it, leave a comment below!

Final rating: 7/10

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  1. I personally prefer the army-liked one. I agree with you that it should come with drop-seat, it can be quite troublesome. Anyhow i quite like the design, and will definitely check them out. Thanks for sharing.

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