Are Onesies for Adults?

Are onesies for adults?


While gushing about discussing onesies with my friends and readers of this website, comments I’ve frequently received are:

  • “I’m an adult – I’m too old for onesies.”
  • “Onesies are only for kids.”
  • “Sleeping in a onesie is fine I guess, but you won’t see me dead outside in one.”
  • “Just how do you pee in these things????”

All of these comments raise a really good question that I’ll be addressing in this post:

Are onesies for adults?

Short answer: OF COURSE!

The long answer? Read on!

In order to address the question of whether onesies are for adults, we need to know exactly why people may hesitate to put one on. I did some digging around and found that the three major underlying concerns are:

  1. Looking childish in a onesie;
  2. Looking sloppy in a onesie; and / or
  3. Being judged by others while wearing a onesie (usually as a result of one of the above two concerns, or both).

Now, let me just say right off the bat that these are perfectly legitimate concerns! However, there’s no need to worry about either looking childish or sloppy in a onesie, or even being judged for that matter. Here’s why.


Concern #1: “I’ll look childish in a onesie!!”

If you share this concern, the onesies you’re envisioning in your mind probably look like these:Are onesies childish?


(Onesie pictures courtesy of Kigurumi-Shop!)

In other words, you’re probably thinking of onesies which are specially designed to look overly cute, or fierce, or based on characters, so that children will be excited to wear them. However,

Not all onesies are designed to be so over-the-top!

There are onesies which look more like regular clothes, such that you won’t look like an animal that has just escaped from the zoo when you head out. Check out these onesies by OnePiece, for example, which are simply yet stylishly designed:OnePiece onesies

With their less outlandish looks, these onesies won’t get you called out as being “childish” by others. You may even get compliments for having such good taste! 😉

Of course if you’re feeling daring, feel free to wear onesies with BOLD colors and designs out to the streets! No one’s stopping you from wearing these so-called “childish” onesies if you want to. In fact, I’m totally encouraging you on this!

Man in dinosaur onesie at a store

Look at this man in his dinosaur onesie visit the store for his daily requirement of meat. #likeaboss


Concern #2: “I’ll look sloppy in a onesie!!”

Do people look sloppy in onesies? It depends!

Like any other piece of clothing, you’ll look sloppy in a onesie if it’s too big or too baggy for you. Think of that pair of jeans that’s now too baggy for you because you’ve lost weight, or that free T-shirt you got at a convention but can’t wear because it’s just too big. Exactly the same logic for onesies.

Baggy Espeon onesie

Yep, definitely too baggy.

(Onesie image courtesy of Amazon!)

So if you think your onesie makes you look sloppy, it just means you need to find the one perfect for your body shape. Take OnePiece‘s onesies for example. I’m going to put the same picture up again because the onesies just look so great.

OnePiece onesiesThe models look pretty darn good in their perfectly-fitting onesies, don’t you think? They don’t look sloppy at all! So as long as you carefully check the measurements of the onesie before buying, sloppy attire will not be an issue for you.

Of course, I say whether onesies look sloppy depends, because onesies specially designed to be baggy will definitely look baggy! Onesies meant for sleeping in are the best example of this, such as this one:Pajama onesie

You probably don’t want to feel as if you’re encased in a tight sheath of cloth while sleeping – that’d be so uncomfortable! So just like the concern over onesies being childish, when it comes to onesies looking sloppy, it’s all about getting the right onesie for the occasion. It’s that simple!


“What do I do with my current onesie then? It’s too big / baggy for me …”

What to do with a sloppy-looking onesie, you ask? To start off, tailoring it to fit your body is a great option if it’s too baggy. If it’s too large on the other hand, you may have to just give it away to someone who will be able to fill it out more (I don’t recommend throwing perfectly good onesies away. Let’s all be environmentally friendly!). But that may be a blessing in disguise because it may just give you the perfect excuse to buy another onesie (or two, or even more than that)!

If you’re not comfortable with either suggestion, you could always choose to only wear it at home where only your family will be able to see you in it. But why worry about what others think about you? This leads us to the last concern I’ll be addressing in this post:


Concern #3: “I’m not going to wear a onesie outside. Everyone is so going to judge me.”

If you’ve ever had this thought running through your head, I totally feel you. I used to have such concerns too.

However, let me just say that most of the criticism or judging that we think we will get will actually NEVER materialise. We are our own worst critics. Trust me when I say that everyone has their own problems and fears to tackle – they don’t have as much time to judge you as you think!

And even if they do … why should you even care?

While the right clothes (which you currently might think onesies are the opposite of) can boost your confidence and so make you feel judgment-proof, here’s the secret:

True confidence comes from within.

True confidence comes from within!

Yeah so maybe I am in a kiddy-looking onesie, and maybe it is a little too baggy for me. But you know what? I’m sexy and I know it. *bass drops*

Why can celebrities pull off onesies on the streets so easily? Because they’re super confident about themselves and they don’t care what anyone else thinks about what they’re wearing. In fact, after people get a glimpse of what their favorite celebs are wearing, they actually rush out to buy whatever outfit that happens to be – yes, including onesies!

YOU are just as awesome as these celebs.

So why should YOU worry about what others think of you?

Sweep aside those hesitations and go for it. It’s time to zip up!!


So, are onesies for adults? My answer should be clear by now:


In the right onesie, you will neither look childish OR sloppy (unless that’s the look you’re intentionally going for, of course). You’ll find yourself not caring about what others think of you too, when you feel like the epitome of awesomeness in your awesome onesie. Trust me on this – you’ll know it when you try it for yourself.


Do you agree that onesies for are adults? Leave a comment!

(P.S.: As for the very last issue that people have with onesies, i.e. how to relieve yourself in one … hehe. Stay tuned for an upcoming post on that particular subject matter! ;))


Need help getting a onesie? Check out my handy buying guide here.

12 thoughts on “Are Onesies for Adults?

  1. Lina says:

    You’ve explained it all and i agree with you. Why would we think of what others think about us wearing a Onesies in bed? Just don’t wear it to work or street. I don’t have one but i use my imagination, oh why not? I want to have one and i will just wear it at home, it’s time to switch from pajamas to onesies. I should get one, a green one 🙂

  2. Dallin says:

    Well, I’ll give you one thing, you were right on with those concerns. Those are exactly the kinds of thoughts that run through my head. Though I could totally see myself sleeping in a onesie. I don’t know, you provide such a convincing argument, but it seems so counterintuitive! Our culture is so weird! Why do care so much about how our clothes look!?

    • Sienna says:

      Hey Dallin,
      I totally know what you mean. Maybe we were influenced to be that way? But it doesn’t matter – we shouldn’t let such fears rule our lives but dare to be DIFFERENT. After all, you only live once!!

  3. Great fun website!

    Me and my girlfriend are always finding ourselves in our onesies and will be back when we need more as you always need more onesies!

  4. Hmmm, interesting! The last time I wore a onesie was when I was 14 and was thrilled when my mom found one in my size! I never did wear it out of the house though, unless camping counts…
    I think at this point in my life that I’d only really wear one to sleep and lounge around the house, they do look super comfortable! And adorable, if I do say so myself!

    • Sienna says:

      Hey Dara,
      You wore a onesie out for camping? I’d like to hear more about that. 😉 Yes, they are super comfortable and adorable – just two reasons out of the many on why they rock.

  5. Nicholas says:

    I haven’t laughed like this in ages. I think this is the blog that the world has been waiting for, even if it doesn’t know yet.

    Story time! Four years ago, I got a onesie at Christmas. It was green camouflage with big floppy feet. I was almost 18 and worked in construction. Gee, thanks mom! You really get me.

    Well, little did I know how right she was, until the day Vancouver pulled an icebox and dropped down to -15. I was volunteering with the Salvation Army that night at one of those little charity kettles, and they don’t stop for nothing. I didn’t have a winter jacket, so I went looking for layers to throw on. There it was, at the back of my closet: the onesie.

    I threw it on under my clothes. Well, it did the job. Kept me warm all night. I left it on to sleep. Oh boy, was that ever a mistake! I ended up wearing it pretty much non-stop for the rest of the week. Seriously, these things are dangerous.

    I ended up ordering another. It multiplied with the other one, and then there were three. (Where does it stop?!) I have even worn it outside… er, more than once. At least twice. Probably more than that. Oh well. My dignity died a long time ago.

    • Sienna says:

      Hey Nicholas,

      Glad you like my site! Keep checking back for more awesomesauce articles on onesies. Love your story too by the way! I’d like to do a feature on it if you’ll be up for that! Check your email soon. 😉


  6. Marc says:

    Hey Sienna,
    I really enjoyed reading your article and of course onesies are for adults too, we can’t let the kids have all the fun.
    I myself have a onesie, and there is nothing better to chill out on the sofa in, I have even worn it shopping once as its not a gimmicky one.
    Please keep up the excellent work.

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