OnePiece January Sale: Get Up to 50% Off

OnePiece January Sale - Get Up to 50% Off!

(Note: this post has been updated on 16 July 2018 to remove products that are no longer available 🙁 )

OnePiece started in 2007, after its founders had the brilliant idea of mashing up hoodies and sweatpants and keeping the lot together with a massive double zipper.

Ever since then, OnePiece has been a huge promoter of “slacker culture” with its range of premium onesies.

With over 1,000 retailers selling OnePiece onesies in over 100 countries, OnePiece onesies are massively popular with people looking to just hang loose and chill out.

The brand’s following also includes celebrities, such as:

The only thing about OnePiece onesies I’m not a fan of is that they can be kinda expensive. I know, it’s fine for celebs because they’re loaded, but what about mere mortals like us?

So whenever a OnePiece sale pops up on my radar, I take special notice.

And that time is now.

To kick off the new year, OnePiece is having a January sale, with up to a 50% discount on its onesies.

Onesies up for grabs in the sale include:

The sale is a worldwide sale, so anyone in the world can take advantage of it! You will need to have a credit card in order to make payment.


The sale ends 5 Feb. Get your premium OnePiece onesies for cheap while you can, and don’t forget to share this sale with your friends!

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