Onesies for a Good Cause!

Kigurumi-Shop, one of my favorite go-to places for onesies, recently supported the Children’s Tumor Foundation for its annual Kids Fashion for NF: Heroes for a Cure fashion show.

Children's Tumor Foundation
Children’s Tumor Foundation supports research & development for treatments for neurofibromatosis (NF for short), a disease where tumors develop on nerve tissue. NF usually affects children and young adults, and can cause nerve damage.

To raise funds to fight against this debilitating disease, the Children’s Tumor Foundation holds an annual fashion show where children with NF show their stuff on the runway, in clothing generously donated by talented designers. Jonathan Sadowski and Hannah Jones, two actors involved in organizing the fashion show, share more about this awesome event in the video below:

This year’s fashion show was held on May 22nd at the Federal Bar in Los Angeles, CA. Kigurumi-Shop provided the fashionable kid stars with adorable SAZAC animal onesies!

Check out these pictures of the fashion show. The kids look so cute in their onesies – talk about not letting NF get you down!!

Kigurumi-Shop x Children's Tumor Foundation 2016 - pink bunny kigurumi

Kigurumi-Shop x Children's Tumor Foundation 2016 - yellow tiger kigurumi

Kigurumi-Shop x Children's Tumor Foundation 2016 - frog kigurumi

Kigurumi-Shop x Children's Tumor Foundation 2016 - pink unicorn kigurumi

Kudos to both the Children’s Tumor Foundation and Kigurumi-Shop for supporting such a worthy cause! To get your own SAZAC animal onesie, head over to With close to 150 onesie designs available, you’re bound to find something you like.

Pro tip: use the coupon code “ALICEINONESIELAND” to get 15% off any onesie purchase. 🙂

Thanks to Kigurumi-Shop for the photos!

4 thoughts on “Onesies for a Good Cause!

  1. Hilton Collins says:

    Very cool website topic. It makes me think of cosplay at comic book conventions, and I love the vibe and culture of those places. (I go to San Diego Comic-Con every year and often cons in my hometown).

    Does your website give advice on how to modify or create your own onesie, maybe with some glowing add-ons. (Have you heard of / seen people with glowing shoes, etc., and rave type accessories?) I think these could work really well on a onesie.

    I mean stuff like this:×441.jpg

    If you have any tips about this, or a post that covers this, I can send it to a friend of mine who’d really appreciate this kind of stuff. She loves wearing creative clothing and making companion items to go with them.

    • Sienna says:

      Hi Hilton,

      Now that’s a great idea for a post (or even a couple of them)! I better start doing some research – stay tuned! 🙂


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