PANDAmonium: Onesies Become the New Fashion Statement for These Armed Robbers

Men in Panda Onesies Rob Convenience Store in London

When it comes to robberies, balaclavas are so passé, apparently. A convenience store in Lincolnshire, England was robbed by two men last Sunday evening (29 Nov) in – of all things – panda onesies. But don’t take my word for it – check out the tweet posted by the Lincolnshire Police Department below.

According to the police statement, it appears that the men entered the store carrying a handgun and demanded money from the store’s safe. (Dudes the last I checked, pandas eat bamboo, not money. Not cool.) The female staff member, who complied with their request, was shaken but unhurt after the men fled on foot.

If you live in the area and happen to spot any stray pandas running around, or any panda onesies that have been dumped in the trash, do report your sightings as soon as you can. These bad guys should be punished for giving onesies a bad name!

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