Vanquish Freezing Winters With These 10 Super Warm Onesies

Vanquish Freezing Winters with these 10 Super Warm Onesies

As the days get colder, how can you prevent yourself from turning into a human popsicle? Well, freeze no more with these 10 super warm onesies!


1. Forever Lazy Heavyweight Adult Onesie

Forever Lazy Heavyweight Adult Onesie


Think of a soft sweatshirt. Now imagine the whole of your body being wrapped in such comfy material. Mmmm. If I were you I’d be ready to go to bed now.


2. OnePiece Original Navy Onesie

OnePiece Original Navy Onesie


With OnePiece being the promoter of slacker culture, you definitely can’t go wrong with one of their premium onesies! Slack off, chill out.


3. Disney Women’s Olaf Micro Bodysuit

Disney Women's Olaf Micro Bodysuit


For the fans of the popular Frozen movie! With this Olaf onesie, the cold will never bother you in any way…!


4. Original Penguin Men’s Plaid Sleep Onesie

Original Penguin Men's Plaid Sleep Onesie


If you’re looking for a onesie with a classier look, check out this onesie by Original Penguin. Perfect for lounging around at home in style, with an iPad in hand!


5. Rene Rofe Juniors Plush Onesie Footie Pajamas

Rene Rofe Juniors Plush Onesie Footie Pajamas


Despite its name, this onesie fits great on adults. The cute polar bears (other winter designs available!) are sure to put a smile on your face too!


6. Lazy One Brown Moose Caboose Pajamas

Lazy One Brown Moose Caboose Pajamas


This was one of my hilarious (or should I say, amoosing) and unexpected finds. According to Urban Dictionary, a “moose caboose” is “a booty that’s big enough to be hunted and hung on a wall”. How fitting it is to have such a picture on the drop seat of this onesie! Heh heh.

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7. Del Rossa Property of the United States Footed Onesie

Del Rossa - Property of the United States onesie


For the die-hard American patriots. This onesie comes with feet, so your tootsies will be snug as a bug in a rug.


8. Duofold Mid-Weight Double-Layer Thermal Union Suit

 Duofold Mid-Weight Double-Layer Thermal Union Suit


This thermal base layer onesie is for people who need SERIOUS cold protection. Throw this on before putting on your outer winter wear and you’ll be ready to brave those cold, cold winter days (and nights).


9. Kigurumi Shop Narwhal Kigurumi

Kigurumi Shop Narwhal Onesie


Just look at this narwhal onesie. You may not know what a narwhal is, but you’ll definitely agree that this onesie by Kigurumi Shop is possibly one of the cutest things ever. Awwww.


10. ASOS PETITE Fleece Onesie with Ears

ASOS PETITE Fleece Onesie with Ears


The ASOS PETITE line is catered to people who are on the small side. If you have curves which you’d like to flaunt, check out the ASOS CURVE version of this onesie. The ears are a nice touch too!

Which one of these toasty onesies is your favorite? Leave a comment!

8 thoughts on “Vanquish Freezing Winters With These 10 Super Warm Onesies

  1. Rashaad says:

    I have actually been wanting one of these for a while now so I might have to get one now that I have seen this! These are some great onesies that I will definitely tell family and friends about. Great job!!

  2. William Wise says:

    Very neat. Never been much for onesies. Guess cause I always seen them as for children & women. Yet these do look stylish & comfy. What I wonder is do they make any for wearing in cold climates for camping or outdoor adventures? Cause that could come in handy in fall or early spring hiking & camping when it is still a lil chilly out.

    • Sienna says:

      Hi William, I’m glad to say such onesies are indeed available! You can check out the OnePiece line of onesies – they’re top quality and thick enough to keep you warm and toasty when it’s cold out. 🙂

  3. I haven’t always been a fan of onesies but living up north it does get cold up here and always debated on whether to get just like a throw type of blanket, or something, after seeing these, I might just have to go with a onesie. #2 all the way.

    • Sienna says:

      You’ve made the right choice. Just a word of caution though: once you get a onesie, there’s no turning back!! Thanks for reading! 🙂

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