Where to Buy Animal Onesies: Your Top 5 Choices!

Where to Buy Animal Onesies: Your Top 5 Choices!

Animal onesies are really popular for their cuteness and are great as pajamas, or as going out wear (no, seriously!). Whether you’re new to animal onesies or a long-time animal onesie fan, find out where to buy animal onesies in this post! (These top 5 animal onesie websites aren’t presented in any order of merit – they’re all unique in their own way and all equally worth checking out.)




Kigurumi-Shop is the first place I think of when people ask me where they can get the best animal onesies for adults or for kids. They have a wide range of animal onesies, featuring animals ranging from cute and cuddly to downright fierce and ferocious. And these aren’t just the usual designs like tigers and unicorns mind you – you’ll be surprised to find some of the stranger beasts such as peacocks, red pandas and koalas!
Kigurumi-Shop animal onesies

These animal costumes are made of premium quality fleece, so you’ll feel super comfortable while channelling your inner animal. After all, they’re made by SAZAC, a Japanese animal onesie manufacturer well-known for the superior quality of its products. You know you’re in good hands when you get a SAZAC onesie!

There are plenty of SAZAC animal onesie sellers out there, but as mentioned, Kigurumi-Shop stands out for stocking the widest range of designs and at competitive prices to boot. At $59.99 for the level of quality you’re getting, the price is a steal!!

Also, have I mentioned that Kigurumi-Shop occasionally gives it stuff away for FREEFollow them on Twitter so you’ll know when these giveaways occur!

Click here to check out Kigurumi-Shop’s animal onesies! (Use my exclusive coupon code “ALICEINONESIELAND” to get 15% off any onesie!!)


2. PajamasBuy


PajamasBuy presents its own take on animal onesies with quirky redesigns of animals such as the ox and the penguin. They have a pretty good selection of bug designs – I haven’t seen any other site stocking insect onesies, so do check them out if you’re looking to be a butterfly, bumblebee, or even a locust (Yes. I kid you not).

PajamasBuy onesies

Because PajamasBuy’s onesies are sold directly from the factory to you – no middle-men involved – this keeps the prices of their onesies down in the $30 range. That doesn’t mean you won’t get your money’s worth, because of PajamasBuy’s strict quality control processes. PajamasBuy also offers a 30-day refund policy in case you aren’t happy with your purchase for some reason.

Being a Hong Kong-based site though, its use of English is a bit spotty (does anyone fancy a, er, black cock onesie by any chance…?), but you should still be able to navigate it just fine.

Click here to check out PajamasBuy’s animal onesies!


3. The All in-One Company

The All-in-One Company

While other sites tend to focus on cute suits, the animal onesies made by The All in-One Company are for those who want more classy designs. This means instead of having a full animal face on the hood of the onesie, The All-in-One Company’s onesies might feature just the animal’s ears. Or a furry tail. 😉

The All-in-One Company onesies

But that doesn’t mean you’ll get a boring onesie, because The All in-One Company’s onesies are 100% customizable. How cool is that? You get a choice of four different fabric types, all with their own unique designs. To confuse potential predators, you could opt for zebra prints on the back of your onesie and tiger stripes for the front. And just for the heck of it, monkey cartoons on the sleeves! You can also choose extra features for your onesie, such as drop seats and personalized text. Here’s the onesie I ended up with, after playing around with their customizer:

The All-in-One Company customizable onesie

The All-in-One Company’s animal onesies are custom-made to order in the UK. Prices start at £64.50 for a basic onesie and will cost more depending on how you customize your order. However, £1 will be credited back to your account for every £10 you spend! Talk about encouraging repeat buys. 😉 In any case, being able to wear your very own unique onesie creation is well worth the money spent.

Click here to check out The All-in-One Company’s animal onesies!


4. Amazon

Amazon logo

Amazon.com is definitely one place to go if you’re looking for animal onesies. Its rep as the largest online department store isn’t just for show – a simple search for “animal onesie” on Amazon throws up a whopping 19,471 results! With such a HUGE variety of animal onesies, you’re bound to find something you like. So the next time you’re trawling Amazon for stuff, why not add an animal onesie to your shopping cart?

Amazon Animal Onesies

Because the animal onesies on Amazon come from a variety of sellers, their prices can range from say, $15 for a giraffe onesie to $80 for a cat onesie, depending on what you go for. Read the product descriptions carefully too to check out the onesie’s features, as these may differ from seller to seller.

Also, because people buy stuff from Amazon all the time, you’re more often than not able to find customer reviews from others who have bought the onesie you’re looking at before. Take advantage of these to see what others are saying about the onesie before you decide whether to buy it.

Pro tip: dig Amazon hard enough, and you’ll be able to snag quirky finds that may not be as readily available elsewhere! For example, here’s one of my favorite gems, the cat carrier Mewgaroo Jumpsuit onesie.

Click here to check out Amazon’s animal onesies!


5. Youngsies

Youngsies - Animal Onesies for Young Kids

Four words: animal onesies for babies. If you thought babies were already too adorable for words, imagine what happens when you put them in an animal onesie. Your head might just explode from the cuteness!

Youngsies Animal Baby Onesies

Recognizing how everyone needs more cuteness in their lives, Youngsies has come up with a range of animal onesies specially for babies. These onesies are stitched together from ultra-soft fabric, and you’ll get so jealous from seeing your baby cuddling up in his comfy onesie that you’ll wish Youngsies made one in your size too.

Youngsies’ animal baby onesies are affordably priced at under £20 and if you live in the UK, you’re in luck because you get free shipping when you buy at least two animal baby onesies! Now you have an excuse to buy more than one even if you don’t have twins. 😉

Click here to check out Youngsies’ animal baby onesies!


I hope you now have a better idea of where to buy animal onesies! If you have any sites of your own to recommend, do leave a comment! 🙂

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  1. We love the pink unicorn Kigu costume. The snuggle factor is off the radar and we have to admit that its the perfect set of PJ’s to lounge around the house in on a Sunday!

  2. This a very unique site I find it quite interesting. Thanks for this site because I had no idea that onesies were that popular, I just thought people wore them as costumes, and for pajamas. Great site! 🙂

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