10 Nerdy Baby Onesies Every Little Geek Must Have

10 Nerdy Baby Onesies Every Little Geek Must Have

For the baby nerds in your life!


1. Blue Tie and Shirt Pocket

Blue Tie and Shirt Pocket - Nerdy Baby Onesie

The classic, stereotypical nerd outfit: tie and shirt pocket. Pocket protector not included. Available on Amazon.


2. iPood

iPood - Nerdy Baby Onesie

The iPod click wheel has been out of sight for a while now, but is it still oh-so-recognizable! Love the “I pooed” pun too! Available on Amazon. White version of this baby onesie available here.


3. Player 3 Has Entered the Game

Player 3 Has Entered the Game - Nerdy Baby Onesie

Gamer parents rejoice, because Player 3 is about to enter the game! Available on Amazon in 5 colors.


4. I’m Here!


I'm Here - Nerdy Baby OnesieIn today’s age of GPS and Google Maps, every baby needs their own location pin. Available on Amazon.


5. #tbt

Throwback Thursday - Nerdy Baby OnesieThis baby onesie is hilarious. #ThrowBackThursday to when Baby was still in the womb and kickin’ around…! Those were totally the days. Available on Amazon.


6. Acute Baby

Acute Baby - Nerdy Baby Onesie

Recommended for all babies who are angling for compliments. Available on Amazon in blue and pink.


7. Hello, My Name is Stormageddon

Hello, My Name is Stormageddon - Nerdy Baby Onesie

Doctor Fans will get the reference. Bow down to Stormageddon, all you peasants!! Available on Amazon.


8. I’m Not an Ordinary Muggle

I'm Not an Ordinary Muggle - Nerdy Baby Onesie

Don’t be surprised when an owl flies up to your doorstep to deliver your child’s Hogwarts letter to him/her 11 years from now. Available on Amazon.


9. Pikachu

Pikachu - Nerdy Baby Onesie

Your baby will look so cute in this Pikachu onesie, everyone will be saying “I want to take a Peek-At-Chu!” Available on Amazon.


10. Dragonball Z – Goku

Dragonball Z Goku - Nerdy Baby Onesie

A Dragonball Z outfit for your soon-to-be martial arts expert. Available on Amazon.


Which one of these nerdy baby onesies is your favorite? Leave a comment!

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