Where to Buy a Reindeer Onesie for Adults – Your Top 5 Choices!

Where to Buy a Reindeer Onesie - Your Top 5 Choices!

When you think of Christmas, you think of Santa Claus and his presents – a whole sack-load of them, transported by his trusty reindeer. It’s no surprise that reindeer onesies are a favorite at Christmas parties or whenever you feel like upping the Christmas mood in the air (even if it’s not Christmas yet – don’t deny it)!

But where can you get yourself a reindeer onesie?

Here’s my list of your top 5 choices. With these recommendations, you’ll never be a blind reindeer when someone asks where they can buy a reindeer onesie for adults! (“No eye deer” – geddit geddit?)


1. Reindeer Kigurumi by SAZAC

Reindeer Kigurumi by SAZAC

The Reindeer Kigurumi made by renowned onesie manufacturer SAZAC wins the prize for Cutest Reindeer Onesie. Hands down, no contest. Just look at those huge doe eyes and you know you can’t resist. (And that big red nose!)

It also looks sooooo comfy. ’nuff said.

Click here to buy your Reindeer Kigurumi!

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2. Reindeer Costume by Orion Costumes

Reindeer Costume by Orion Costumes

Here’s another spin on the happy reindeer onesie theme. This reindeer onesie may sport smaller facial features, but its red collar and bell is a nice touch! Look how happy the guy is in his reindeer costume – don’t you feel like dancing a little jig along with him?

Note: this onesie is fastened up with Velcro at the back – that’s really convenient!

Click here to buy the Reindeer Costume!


3. Reindeer (Micro Fleece) Onesie by Just Love

Reindeer (Micro Fleece) Onesie by Just Love

Ladies: if you’re looking for something cute, I’ve got a treat for you! Check out this reindeer onesie by Just Love, with its pretty pastels and Bambi eyes. I especially love its adorable reindeer and heart patterns, which come in cute pinks and blues. I’m sure they will show off your femininity perfectly.

It looks really warm and snug too, mmm…I could totally imagine lounging away a whole day in it at home.

Click here to buy your Reindeer (Micro Fleece) Onesie!

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4. Reindeer Onesie by The All-in-One Company

(No, I haven’t forgotten to include an image. You’ll see it as you read on. 😉 )

If you’re looking to customize your own reindeer onesie, look no further than The All-in-One Company’s reindeer onesie. You can customize practically EVERYTHING about your onesie, from the type of fabric, the fabric pattern for each section of your onesie, whether it should have a drop seat, and even the style of your cuffs!

This way, you’re assured of a one-of-a-kind onesie that is just as baggy or as fitting as you want it to be.

Just to show how far you can take things, I came up with this wacky reindeer onesie design for myself (no, you don’t have to go this overboard):

Customized Reindeer Onesie by The All-in-One Company

Be sure to select “Yes” when they ask if you want antlers, or else your reindeer will be antler-less!

(P.S: the default options for your reindeer onesie’s ears and tail are “cow” and “horse tail” respectively, but feel free to change them to something wilder if you’d like!)

Click here to buy your customized Reindeer Onesie!


5. Reindeer Print Onesie by Exciteclothing

Reindeer Print Onesie by Exciteclothing

If you’re just looking for reindeer prints, these red reindeer print onesies by Exciteclothing will be right down your alley. Pairing prints of the oh-so-famous red-nosed Rudolph with dainty snowflakes, this onesie will definitely bring out the Christmas cheer in you!

Reindeer antlers are included too because antlers on a reindeer onesie are pretty much, well, mandatory.

Click here to buy your Reindeer Print Onesie!


Which of these reindeer onesies are your favorite? Leave a comment below!


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